The Functions of a Burglar Alarm

images (3)Any burglar alarm’s purpose is to notify any business- or home-owner of a potential danger, namely intruders. They may not be perfect in all circumstances; however, they can be excellent deterrents and systems providing first-response. Burglar alarms also referred to as intrusion detectors, perimeter detectors, or perimeter security systems. No matter what you decide to call them, they all serve the same purpose; they alert and deter any unwanted or threatening individuals.

The number and types of burglar alarm systems available on the market today are many. For indoor burglar alarms, you can choose between passive infrared detectors, glass-break detectors, microwave detectors, ultrasonic detectors, and photoelectric beams. Each of these types has its own primary method of detection, as well as purpose, when being installed in your home as part of a burglar alarm system.

Most people installing a burglar alarm in their home with opt for a passive infrared detector. The reason it bears the name “passive” is simply that this type of unit doesn’t radiate any type of energy.

Does Your Business Need a Security System? Yes.

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This basically means that the items used to carry out the procedures are superbly expensive. Tampering with these items can result in very expensive damage; being robbed of them is even worse. This is why having top quality security at your dental clinic is vital. Installing an alarm system is a great idea- a monitored on is even better. There are so many benefits that come with use of a monitored alarm system:

• Help comes immediately the alarm is triggered

• When the alarm system goes off the intruder will be scared off

• You do not need someone to stand by to call for help when there is an emergency

• A smoke detector fitted into the alarm will summon help even when you are not A monitored alarm system will therefore be of great benefit to your Charlotte pediatric dentistry practice office. Intruders will never get the best of your business thus keeping not only your equipment safe but also you and your colleagues.

You can never rely on security guards to keep watch over your business throughout the night or whenever you are not around. They might not be in a position to call for help immediately.

While neighbors and even security guards might ignore the calls of your alarm as a false one, a monitored security system will always summon for help whenever your alarm goes off. It does not matter how trivial the problem is, help will always be sent to handle the situation.

The Future of Burglar Alarm Systems

images (4)Burglar alarms have been designed and manufactured in exactly the same way for decades. It’s almost like alarm panel manufacturers are detached from the effects of progress and technology. Many alarm panels are still designed today for use with telephone landlines, even though the rest of the world outside of the security industry knows that the public switched telephone network, PSTN or POTS, will not be around for too much longer.

Luckily for all of us, there are a few manufacturers that have listened to what consumers want from today’s appliances and have started to Internet-enable their equipment. Although this is a step in the right direction, the mindset regarding the “brains” of the system is still firmly fixed on keeping the logic “client-side”. This means that all programming and “decisions” that an alarm panel has to make when it detects an intruder is all contained within the electronic circuit board that is installed in the home or business. We will not see real progress until this logic is moved server-side.

Almost everything is moving toward the Cloud, so Burglar, Medical and Fire Alarm panels should be no different. Instead of standing and making single key presses into an alarm panel remote keypad, a technician should be able to log into a web site with a web browser and fully program the system via a graphical user interface. All that is required of the client-side electronics is that they detect an open or closed circuit and forward that information into the Cloud where a controlling application will decide what action should be taken, if any.

When an existing Customer moves away from the protected home or business and another Person or Company moves in, it will be simple for the Alarm Company to change the system parameters to suit the new Customer. This will remove the requirement for a technician to roll a truck to the premises just to make a simple change or two to the alarm system programming. This has to be a far greener way for Alarm Companies to work.

It is sometimes the case where an alarm panel or wiring is attacked by an intruder and oftentimes the equipment is damaged beyond repair. In such cases, all of the system programming that can take up to an hour to complete will be lost for good. Add to that the damage caused by lightning strikes, electrical power surges, home repairs, general accidents and natural disasters, it becomes clear that as much as possible should be handled on the server side where it is safe from harm.

The arming and disarming of alarm systems also needs to be reviewed as consumers look at their alarm keypads like antiquated relics from decades past. Modern consumers have a keypad on their smart phone and they want to use it everything. Alarm panel manufacturers need to realise that this includes alarm panels too!